This is but a fraction of the worthless U.S. regulations and rules being rendered by the 300, 000 worthless bureaucrats who are living off the teet of the tax payers of this nation. These same regulatory agencies have already destroyed our manufacturing and industrial base and now they are trying to destroy individual households. It is time to abolish about 90 percent of the federal government and return to a constitutional republic as outlined in the U.S. constitution. It is time to make sure that another Obama, Clinton, Carter and other Communists are not elected to public office. It is time to put an end to this Fascistic Bureaucratic System we now have in place which is even worse that what the Communist Chinese currently have and what the old USSR had before it collapsed under the weight of it’s own debt with nobody left to fleece.

America's Watchtower

  Below is a video of Allen West speaking out against some of the overburdensome regulations proposed by the Obama regime and the fact that the US House has passed dozens of bills to “staunch the toxic regulatory flow coming from the federal agencies” which are still sitting on Harry Reid’s desk because he refuses to act on them.

  This is a must watch:

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