After Andrew Br…

After Andrew Breitbart collapsed and died in the middle of the night while walking his dog, it was speculated that he was probably killed by the Obama Regime’s Thugs because Andrew Breitbart was about to release some damning and likely factual information on Barack-Barry-Soetaro-Hussein-Obama AKA POTUS Barack Obama.  People have been bumped off in various ways by secret governments time immemorial.  I said long ago that if you could assassinate a president in plain day in front of thousands of onlookers and then convince all of them that the Official Story would be believed by rounding up a PATSY and then Killing The Patsy before he ever had a chance even to go before a Magistrate or Judge, in order not to allow Oswald to speak, because Lee Harvey Oswald was totally innoncent and could prove it, and the Plot would not have been able to be sold to the American Public by a Made Up Bogus Investigation called the Warre Report, which was purley fiction.  The cover up was even sloppy but they got by with.  So, if THEY are willing to and Can Away With Murdering the U.S. President (JFK), anybody is expendable.

In Senate Hearings on Covert Actions in 1975, it was disclosed that the CIA had a Heart Attack Dart that was a frozen projectile of poison shot from a gun that would leave maybe a small red dot and nothing else and the frozen projectile entered the body, creates an instant heart attack, and then the drug or poison totally dissipates leaving no traces of the poison, and death by instant cardiac arrest is the autopsy result.

And, this was in 1975.  They are a lot more sophisticated now than this.  President Eisenhower warned the American public back in 1959 shortly before he left office to be wary of the “Military-Industrial Complex” whose mission it is to create wars, send up false flags, commit assassinations, etc. in order to perpetuate wars that are very profitable operations for military contractors working in collusion with the United States government and using our CIA and Special Forces to do the bidding of the contractors in carrying out covert operations in order to creat wars and skirmishes, and then having presidents or congress to authorize military missions where large quantitiies of munitions are used which boosts the demand and supply of new armaments.  Kind of like allowing Firemen becoming arsonists in order to have job security and to have more fire houses built.  And, the targets are not always foreign or in foreign countries.  These covert operations are often carried out domestically as well if a U.S. Citizen becomes a threat to the powers that be.


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